Epoxy Flooring in Phoenix Arizona

Example of epoxy garage floor with carEpoxy floor coatings are one of the most popular floorings used today. They are used all over the country, but are particularly popular in Phoenix Arizona. The extreme desert conditions in Arizona make it more important to protect your driveway and garage than many other states. Epoxy floors are durable, stain and wear resistant, and come in almost any color imaginable. No wonder more people prefer epoxy flooring for their garages and other surfaces than any other finish.

Resin polymers as a coating and adhesive
Epoxy is a resin polymer derived from epoxides. It is a tough and resistant, thermosetting synthetic resin. It is typically used in surface coatings, laminates, and adhesives. We don’t want to bore you with too many scientific details. Suffice it to say that the unique bonding quality, fast cure time and high durability are the main characteristics this material possesses that matter to us.

Many uses for epoxy resin coatings
Close-up image of epoxy and color chips Epoxy-based materials and their various applications are wide-ranging and include adhesives, composite materials (fiberglass reinforcements, carbon fiber) and other coatings. Vinyl ester, polyester, and many other thermosetting resins are additionally used for glass-reinforced plastics. Cure polymers can be manufactured with broad ranges of properties due to the unique chemistry and commercial variations. Known for their exceptional adhesion, electrical insulation properties, heat and chemical resistance and mechanical quality; epoxy coatings in general are a very versatile compound. There are even variations of epoxies that offer higher thermal insulation or even conductivity for use in electronics.

A focus on garage floor epoxy
close-up shot of garage floor epoxy coatings The focus of this article, however, is not so much the myriad uses for epoxy resins, but a more narrow focus on the use of epoxy floor coatings for garage floors and finishing concrete. If you are a homeowner in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or anywhere else in Arizona, you know how harsh the conditions are and how important it is to protect your driveway and garage.

Epoxy resin as a garage floor coating
Protective floor coatings are an effective way to make areas of your home more resistant and durable to the elements. Exposure to the elements, physical damage, or simply old age can cause significant deterioration in exposed surfaces. One of the most exposed and trafficked areas around your home is the garage floor and driveway. You can protect these areas by using tough garage floor coatings like epoxy flooring. This is an excellent way to protect your garage floor or workshop from impact damage, chemicals, oil spills, and fuel. A high quality epoxy garage floor is very resistant to most types of damage. The highest quality garage floor epoxy coatings are engineered to have a variety of traits such as heat resistance--up to 350 degrees for some--, impact resistant up to 500 PSI, and is a color-fast material. It also resists chipping, cracking and peeling.

How to get your floor coating
Cleaning the garage floor for epoxy coating So you know you want to use an epoxy floor coating for your garage floor, but now you need to figure out how to do it. Some people decide to do it themselves and others hire a professional installer.

Do-it-yourself garage floor epoxy coatings
There are many things to consider if you choose to install your own garage floor coating. If you live in Phoenix you have easy access to do-it-yourself epoxy kits and tools. However, without proper preparation this project can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Phoenix epoxy floor surface preparation
The floor or other surface must be completely stripped of all other coatings. This is main thing that will cause premature failure if overlooked or not done correctly. Any grease, oil, stains, paint or other substances will compromise the bonding process and prevent the epoxy coating from properly fusing with the concrete. This can result in flaking, peeling and chipping. Most garage floors have a coat of sealer that must be completely removed for the epoxy coating to adhere to the concrete. Acid etching is a crucial step in preparing your garage floor prior to applying the epoxy floor coating, but it will not remove most stains and sealers. Acid etching is a preferred process used to open up the pores of a bare concrete surface. This allows the epoxy to anchor to clean and porus concrete.

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large-scale epoxy flooring jobHire a professional epoxy flooring installer
For most homeowners the time, aggravation and risk of wasting material on a failed application make it impractical to install the epoxy floor coating themselves. There are many installers available in a city the size of Phoenix. Arizona homeowners have an advantage because there is so much competition for garage floor epoxy work. The main issue to be aware of is the experience of the contractor you are hiring. Any handyman can run to their local hardware store, buy some epoxy and advertise that they install epoxy floor coatings.

Hiring unlicensed contractors in Arizona
Many unlicensed contractors working in Scottsdale, Phoenix (and surrounding areas) offer such cheap pricing that it may be tempting to hire them to coat your garage floor. While you can get your floor coated cheaply, this is a very risky prospect. The old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here. Contractors may cut costs by cutting corners. Improper cleaning and stripping, a thin coating application, low amount of (or none at all) color chips, all result in a shoddy application that may fail early. When you call them in a few months to come fix the failing floor coating they are out of business or the number is not in service. We realize the seduction of cheap prices, but in our opinion it isn’t worth it.

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completed epoxy floor coating job with carHire a licensed garage floor epoxy installer
The best option for quality work is to hire a licensed professional. Fortunately, there are installers in Phoenix that take their work very seriously. Some reputable installers that are licensed, bonded and insured also offer a warranty for their work. This is a fantastic feature to have because it protects you, the homeowner and puts your mind at ease. The installer does quality work the first time, but also insures that if by chance something does go wrong they will return to fix it.

Summing it all up-epoxy floor coatings in your home
We hope that the information in this article was useful and helps you decide what the best options are for your garage floor, driveway, workshop, or any other surface that you need to coat. Brilliant Epoxy Floors specializes in solid color, light and heavy chip systems, metallic flooring systems as well as removal and re-applications. They also specialize in small to large commercial and industrial projects. Call 480-688-3622 for further details. For more information feel free to visit Brilliant Epoxy Floors at: http://www.brilliantaz.com

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